Ideal bearing inc. is the very professional manufacturer of Plain Bearings, Sleeve Bearings, Oilless Bearings, Sliding Bearings, Composite Bearings, Pre-lubricated Bearings, Metal-polymer Bearings, Self-lubricating Bearings and Maintenance-free Bearings in China.

Our main products are: Dry Bearings, Marginally Lubricated Bearings, Bimetallic Bearings, Solid Lubricating Bearings, Hardened Steel Bearings, Self-lubricating Bimetallic Bearings, Casting Bronze Bearings, Wrapped Bronze Bearings, Door Hinge Bearings and PTFE Fibre Fabric Self-lubricating Bearings.

As an OEM supplier, we deliver our quality products to European and USA marketing in Automotive Industry, Mold Industry, Engineering Industry, Agricultural Industry and so on. Our top aim is to offer Best Stable Quality, Quick Flexible Delivery, Comprehensive Satisfactory Service and Competitive Fair Price to satisfy our valued customers.

We can assure our valued customers: Quality Creates Value!